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This e-shop presents the most unique design ideas in the field of the Greek souvenir!

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  • mikroRodi1
    15,00 €

    Handmade ceramic pomegranate drawn by hand.

  • teapot oracles tarot cards
    34,00 €

    A little collectible and powerful deck! Beautiful illustrations, two contrasting pack of cards (Major Arcanas sets). From minimalistic to colourful, a deck that reminds the Yin and Yang. A unique oracle deck especially made to bring balance and emotional healing to anyone who feels connected to it!

  • No image set
    54,00 €

    Inspired by the use of form in cubist art and brutalist architecture, Meet the Cat creates the Evolve collection which uses the combination of plating and powder coating on solid pieces, creating striking effects and extremely elegant design pieces.

  • Ceramic platter with bowl souvenir Terracotta
    55,00 €

    A unique platter with dip bowl, that combines the greek palette with a contemporary design. Serve your delicious appetizers on this set, that will definitely bring color and style to your table!

  • Card holder - design item
    15,00 €

    A minimal concrete cardholder featuring additional pen/pencil slots. A rigid, prism volume adds an industrial smartness on your desktop.

  • No image set
    47,00 €

    Unisex minimal bracelet in either silver or black silver platinum with wax cord.

  • No image set
    24,00 €

    ** 2021 leave all troubles behind! ** The ace of heart may be your Lucky Card! Your lucky ace pendant! Your New Years Gift! Your Lucky Charm for 2021 designed by Lilly's Papilon!

  • No image set
    30,00 €

    When two halves, become a whole! Αn adjustable handmade ring, inspired by traditional patterns in their most minimal form.

  • B612 EYE CHARM1
    25,00 €

    This eye-like symbol luck charm with its long fringes can be placed anywhere to protect from the "evil eye"!

  • littleboat
    49,00 €

    The little paper boat is turned into a white ceramic boat light and a white ceramic decorative boat with linear pencil details that look as if they were drawn by a child’s hand.

  • No image set
    25,00 €

    - Hey! Get up! - The tourists are here! - Oh.... Let them wait a bit! Caryatids on a Break Τhe Rabbit Knows, a cartoonist from Greece, collaborates with It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!, and together they carry a series of his drawings, creating the brand new t-shirt collection, Anarchy in the Caryatids! All with the Caryatid in the leading role! A very sarcastic, unconventional and full of reactive manners, this Caryatid disbands with the most humorous way, all the ideals, symbols and stereotypes that we have ascribed her with all these years. For men (unisex) and women. This specific design is only available in Greek.

  • No image set
    32,00 €

    Big main, flat plate designed in geometrical patterns and textures, as these are imprinted by the Greek traditional doilies. Available in green or blue colour. Suitable for domestic use.

  • No image set
    35,00 €

    In Greece garlic is a symbol of luck and in many households it can be found in their entrance. “FTOU SKORDA” is a very common catchphrase and a wish in a way that is said to remove the ‘evil eye.

  • tasos
    30,00 €

    Characters born in illustration and transformed into fabric through an innovative combination of materials. Each one with their own name, carrying their own story and projecting their minimal aesthetics

  • No image set
    38,00 €

    When two halves, become a whole! Α handmade pendant with silver chain, portraying Greek traditional patters in its most minimal form. A unique contemporary item, simple and exceptional, for memorable outfits.

The designers’ platform It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!, brings under the same umbrella the interpretations of over 60 Greek designers to the question: What would Greece be, if it were a souvenir. The result portrays a line of objects with different utilitarian value, materials, ideas and concepts, all with a focus on Greece

Over 80 Greek designers redefine the design and meaning of the traditional Greek souvenir

It's all, oh so souvenir to me!
Design Items Created in Greece

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Over 80 Greek designers, from all sectors of design, define the souvenir as a highly aesthetic object, overturning the folklore stereotypes and introducing a New Greek identity.

“It’s all, oh so souvenir to me”

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