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  • SET plate design souvenir greece - CERAMICS
    22,00 €

    A unique set of ceramic plates, that combine the greek palette with a contemporary design. Serve your delicacies on this set of summer plates, and enjoy a relaxed meal with your beloved ones. Available in two size. Sold separately.

  • Just the two of us 53
    12,00 €

    A unique wooden wine accessory, for your favourite wine bottle! A practical and decorative item! Create your own wine kit, with the glasses and wine of your choice.

  • mirror medusa mirela manda
    54,00 €

    Handheld or wall hanging mirror, in the shape of a mermaid’s (Medusa’s) head. A fun design item, made of laser-cut wood. Design and created in Greece.

  • tasos
    30,00 €

    Characters born in illustration and transformed into fabric through an innovative combination of materials. Each one with their own name, carrying their own story and projecting their minimal aesthetics

  • Circle cross the line meet the cat
    24,00 €

    A geometrically-shaped set of earrings with clean lines, to be worn on any occasion. Give style and class to your everyday looks with this linear-shaped accessory.

  • Atypical poster greek fonts
    25,00 €

    A unique large poster, featuring a compilation of retro Greek signs, in custom typography-fonts. A contemporary piece with a nostalgic touch, that can be given as a gift to your loved ones or be a stylish decorative item for your own space.

  • ostomacheion magnets the three dots
    12,00 €

    A unique gift for your kids: a puzzle to sharpen the mind while having fun! Ostomachion, by Archimedes, is one of the oldest puzzles known, and this specific item can also be used as a magnet for metallic surfaces.

  • No image set
    30,00 €

    Playful, ceramic oval shaped salt and pepper set. White mat for the salt and black mat for the pepper which when placed on top of each other, their shape takes the form of a 3D ball.

  • No image set
    30,00 €

    When two halves, become a whole! Αn adjustable handmade ring, inspired by traditional patterns in their most minimal form.

  • unnamed
    14,90 €

    A calendar ready to cover you for the next decade has been designed from the renowned designer and creative director Yiannis Karlopoulos. This decade calendar gives you the opportunity to write whichever year you want from the next ten years, creating your own personal palimpsest!

  • cupWhite
    21,00 €

    Handmade ceramic cup, by Christos Vlioras, with round curves. A unique design item for your home-office! Designed and created in Greece.

  • the rabbit knows diet for santa claus
    25,00 €

    A sarcastic t-shirt from the festive collection "Xmas Edition" by The Rabbit Knows! An alternative, fun Christmas gift, where the Christmas spirit meets the designer's wish to question, challenge, reclaim and rediscover the Greek culture, rather than blindly worship and ignore it. For men (unisex) and women. The design is in Greek.

  • λithi - an abstract hourglass
    35,00 €

    The role of λithi, the Greek souvenir, is to act as an abstract hourglass that shows the flow of time and let the tourists count the days until their next holidays to Greece.

  • Μολυβοθήκη για το γραφείο
    25,00 €

    A minimal concrete item to organize your workplace! Add some industrial smartness on your desktop! A creation with slots for cards and pens, as well as room for pins, clips, eraser and other office items.

  • mikroRodi1
    15,00 €

    Handmade ceramic pomegranate drawn by hand.

  • mix and match earrings flow combo
    24,00 €

    Four different linear-shaped earrings for you to wear in any combination you like! Give style to any outfit with a stunning combo of contemporary accessories that can be worn day or night.

  • lucky charm keras amaltheias
    40,00 €

    Simple and exceptional, inspired by the legend of the Amalthea goat, a gift for prosperity and abundance for the new year!

  • Anarchy in Nostalgia en - the rabbit knows
    25,00 €

    The Rabbit Knows, a cartoonist from Greece, collaborates with It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!, and together they carry a series of his drawings, creating the brand new t-shirt collection, Anarchy in Nostalgia! Made out of eight cartoon designs, the collection questions, challenges, attacks, reclaims and rediscovers the Greek culture, rather than blindly worshiping, ignoring, retouching and rebranding it. From the holy and untouchable to the jolly fun and touchable, we want no culture in which we cannot breathe in. For men (unisex) and women. This specific pattern is in English.

  • No image set
    27,00 €

    Middle-sized ceramic salad plate designed in geometrical patterns and textures, as these are imprinted by the Greek traditional doilies. Available in green or blue colour. Suitable for domestic use.

  • No image set
    42,00 €

    Ceramic handmade vase that can be turned into a jar, ready to serve water or wine. Its rectangular shape and the natural waves the clay leaves on its body,underline the handmade side of its character. In white mat colour

The designers’ platform It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!, brings under the same umbrella the interpretations of over 60 Greek designers to the question: What would Greece be, if it were a souvenir. The result portrays a line of objects with different utilitarian value, materials, ideas and concepts, all with a focus on Greece

Over 80 Greek designers redefine the design and meaning of the traditional Greek souvenir

It's all, oh so souvenir to me!
Design Items Created in Greece

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Over 80 Greek designers, from all sectors of design, define the souvenir as a highly aesthetic object, overturning the folklore stereotypes and introducing a New Greek identity.

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