Idol - cycladic lollipops

Ancient greek elements, which transform the cultural inheritance of Greece in classic caramel lollipops.
Designer : Danai Kehagia
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The best-known art of the 2500 BCE period are the marble figures usually called "idols" or "figurines", though neither name is exactly accurate: the former term suggests a religious function which is by no means agreed on by experts, and the latter does not properly apply to the largest figures, which are nearly life size.Perhaps the most famous of these figures are musicians: one a harp-player the other a pipe-player. These musicians are sometimes considered “the earliest extant musicians from the Aegean.”
The majority of these figures, however, are highly stylized representations of the female human form, typically having a flat, geometric quality which gives them a striking resemblance to today's modern art.

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Ionic Order

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