Granma's Favorit


I first touched and fell in love with clay in Crete in the studio of Manousos Chalkiadakis, a very inspiring ceramicist and a man I truly love. As I returned over and over again to spend my holidays in the pottery at the small village on the top of the mountain my love for the medium became stronger and stronger. Went off to study Art for the Community in the UK and Pottery was my major. Then this happened and that happened and I didn’t do any clay work for some years. I went back and forward to the UK studying and maturing. Back in my little country Greece my love reappeared. I started a studio and gave lessons as to how to fall in love with clay in order to support the space. It was great fun and developed a lot. After returning to the UK to work in a tiny shed at the end of my garden, my work got better and better so I thought it is time to let the world see it and make it theirs if they want it. I am back in Greece now and ready to take this project to its next level. Enjoy.