It Grows On You! Photos from the 10-day program about sustainability and ecology at TAF

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It Grows on You is a 10-day event dedicated to sustainability. In our days, social and environmental growth awareness is very important for businesses, people and world and general. More and more young people create, based on sustainability. 

Through its exibition and other events, such as speeches and workshops, It Grows on You illustrates a new, yet rapidly developing type of enterpreneurship, and presents works by new creators and designers, business people and professionals, that represent the principles of the 17 aims for sustainable development, raising awareness and introducing them to moral consumerism.

For any of you who is currently not in Athens, and in order to communicate more projects with an environmental consciousness that are orth discovering, scroll down to get a taste of the 10-day programm and the exhibition! 

You can find many of the items in the collection of "It's all oh so souvenir to me", TAF's gift shop. More information and the complete programm with the speeches as well can be found here:IT GROWS ON YOU. Until the 25th of March, hosted by TAF the art foundation

*Photos by George Fiorakis 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 2 Every bag is crafted ethically under fair trade conditions, from 100% recycled sustainable fabric, made from plastic bottles / Generation Generous
it grows on you oh so souvenir 3  

it grows on you oh so souvenir 4Théla crochets, woven and sewn products from yarn made out of discarded plastic bags/ Théla crochets

it grows on you oh so souvenir 5
Unique, up-cycled bags, handmade in Athens. Committed to the principles of sustainable design, raising awareness on ethical conscious fashion / 3Quarters. 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 7 A new social program which combines creation, social reintegration and environmental consciousness. Handmade items, made of recycled materials, by the people of the "Shedia" magazine.

it grows on you oh so souvenir 8 
it grows on you oh so souvenir 9The exhibition at TAF

it grows on you oh so souvenir 10 At the presentation by "Sustainable Food Movement in Greece", with Konstantinos Zervos as the speaker 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 11Handmade beauty products from grape seed oil / Oinosporos 

it growsinyou souvenir
And of course the amazing Thistle collection by KIZI Design Studio. An eco-friendly furniture and items collection, worth discovering. Made out of waste, but here to stay, a new eco-material meets product design. / photo by KIZI Design Studio archive

it grows on you oh so souvenir 12Two sisters make their dream come true! Clothes made out of top quality fabrics which travel with them from Ivory Coast. Ethical working with local artisans. Every piece tells a story of its own. / BeGrims and #TAF_bar

it growsinyou souvenir helleo
Helleo soaps / 100% natural handcrafted soaps, produced in Crete. Eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and produced in small batches. / Get more info and buy them online on the It's all oh so souvenir to me e-shop

it grows on you oh so souvenir 13 Say no to plastic bags! 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 14Be my Flower / The toothbrush that can be planted! 100% biodegradable, made from bamboo / natural organic cotton swabs and toothpaste, also available in our store

it grows on you oh so souvenir 15 
it growsinyou souvenir rhoecojpg 
Five Greek, Conceptual organic herbal tea blends, without caffeine, sweeteners or other additives, with bio seeds stored under the lid, which you can plant in the same pot and grow your own aromatic plants! / You can find Rhoeco Fine Organic Goods in the collection of It's all oh so souvenir to me 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 16 
it grows on you oh so souvenir 17Speeches with simultaneous interpretation in the sign language 

it grows on you oh so souvenir 19 
Thanks everyone, participants and visitors! 

Moe information and the complete program with the speechesand workshops here: IT GROWS ON YOU
Until the 25th of March at TAF the art foundation.   

It's all oh so souvenir to me 
Normanou 5 str., Athens  

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