Lucky Charm Necklace - Black Eyed Bean "Mavromatiko"

The Black Eyed Bean, known in Greece as "Mavromatiko" is a unique lucky charm necklace, designed to bring you luck and protect you from the evil eye, while wearing an all-day minimal and elegant design accessory.
Designer : Out of M.E.
42,00 €

Chain color


Bring some luck to the New Year, with this 'mavromatiko' black eyed bean pendant, by Out of M.E! Designed to bring luck, prosperity and protection from the evil eye! Choose between the silver, rosegold or gold-plated silver little bean-bracelet and 4 different colors for the chain. Handcrafted jewel, designed by Michalis Efstathiou. The main material he uses is silver, and all the jewels that are designed have intense references to architecture, tradition and nature.

Did you know/
Black Eyed Pea, (B.E.P) or black eyed bean, is known in Greece as "Mavromatiko" and in Cyprus as "Louvi".

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Bean: ~10mm x 4mm

Silver 925 - Gold plated silver - rosegold
Chain in 4 different colors (silver 925)

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84,00 €

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84,00 €
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