Colour Santorini / An alternative guide for Santorini island

An alternative guide for the island of Santorini. An inspirational and educational gift for anyone, kids or adults, who want to explore the beautiful island through coloring.
Designer : Colour Greece
15,00 €


Colour Santorini is a colouring travel guide made for travelers who wish to explore the island in a different way. Colour Santorini is part of a greater colouring collection featuring Athens, Crete and Cyclades as well. Architects Avrokomi Zavitsanou and Vasiliki Tzora have created a unique book with which you can travel throughout the beautiful island of Santorini, lose yourself in its sunsets, relax on the dark-sand beaches and give them life by using colours and your imagination. No rules, just you, your pencils and Santorini. Have an inspiring and colourful journey!

No rules, just you, your pencils and Santorini. Have an inspiring and colourful journey! 

Hard cover
108 pages
18 x 19 x 1 cm
Languages: Both Greek & English

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