Greek Heroes, the Cards

The new series Greek Heroes, the Cards, by George Boya
Designer : George Boya
10,00 €


"Greek Heroes, The Cards" is based the analog collage series by George Boya titled Γκρικ Χιροους (Greek Heroes).

It is inspired by Greece, presented through a surrealistic dream where the past meets the present events and together are heading towards a utopian or dystopian future. The struggle of common people is reflected on the struggle of the Greater powers/Institutions/Ideologies, as above so below. Beauty and horror walk hand to hand in a world ready for a greater change but hesitant to take the last step. What is the position of the Greek spirit in this world? In what way is changing and how is changed by it? This series gives more questions than answers.

The set includes 8 postcards 15/10 cm, printed 300gr fine art paper.

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