Weekly Beings Diary 2018

A way to get organized and inspired! Draw your week on your weekly beings diary. Limited edition. An idea for a special gift for your beloved onces!
Designer : Natasha Chatziangeli
18,00 €


The weekly beings diary project by Natasha Chatziangeli, started as a question - “why should drawing-books be used only by children?”. What about grown-ups?! So she found a way to get organized and inspired!
A weekly calendar with a particular sketch, different each week, as a coloring book. Depending on the mood of the week, draw your sketch, primarily using your imagination and experiment with pencils and pens, so the sketch is transformed into something unique and only yours. Imagine, create, enjoy!

Limited Edition 
Hard cover with stamp on fabric
A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm)
112 pages (120gr paper weight)

At the end of the year a group exhibition is organized with the "being" creations. You can of course participate with your best creations!

Tip 2:
Cut your creations and place them in frames for your wall!

The project won prize EVGE2015 (Greek design & illustration awards)

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