Ceramic ladle holder/ Terracotta Collection

ladle holder souvenir terracottaladle holder souvenir terracotta
ladle holder souvenir terracottaCUP design souvenir greece - CERAMICSCUP design souvenir greece - CERAMICS
This unique, beautiful ladle holder will not only be a practical tool for your kitchen but will also add a discrete, classy Aegean touch to your kitchen's decoration. Explore the whole collection!
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45,00 €
45,00 €

A ceramic ladle holder from Myrto Lykopoulou's new collection, that combines the traditional colors of Greek ceramics (white, blue and terracotta) with modern forms. The parallel successive lines remind us of the architecture of the Greek natural landscape as seen from above, where the mountains and slopes form their own scenarios. 

Designed and produced in Greece 
All ceramics are made from the traditional low-temperature terracotta clay 1000 degrees Celsius.
Containts one piece.

12 cm diameter, 17 cm height


Suitable for domestic use