Ceramic salad plate

Middle-sized ceramic salad plate designed in geometrical patterns and textures, as these are imprinted by the Greek traditional doilies. Available in green or blue colour.
Suitable for domestic use.
Designer : Granma's Favorit
27,00 €
27,00 €


A new series of flat plates in three different sizes has been designed by Myrto Lycopoulou. Suitable to accompany your delicious meals in any small, personal or formal occasion.

This medium sized plate is suitable for your salads, main dish or any kind of chesse or other platters. Available in the pattern shown in either blue or green colour.

Part of Granma's Favorit ceramic collection, inspired by the designer's Grandma, one of the most important people in her lif who left this world after 92 inspiring years of giving and looking after. She had so many doilies that Myrto realised that she had to do something with them. Even though seemingly useless, their patterns and textures, when pressed into clay, got another life. Τhey become part of a useful object where tradition and style walk side by side.

All ceramics are for earthenware clay fired at 1000c coloured with stains and led free glaze, dishwasher proof.

Dimentions: Ø 24.50cms

Weight: 250gr

Available in blue or green colour 



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