Mug Disgrèce / Limited edition & porcelain

Porcelain, silkscreen-printed mugs with a sarcastic pattern, an immediate reference to the modern greek mentality. A unique souvenir or gift and an inside view of the greek culture!
Designer : Christos Kotsinis
15,00 €


A limited quantity of mugs divided in 3 colours, silkscreen-printed on porcelain. Disgrèce, a.k.a. disgrace, refers to the vintage g r è c e posters for the Greek National Tourist organization (EOT), by the modernist master Freddy Carabott. The word disgrèce immediately retrieves the word disgrace and illustrates the corruption of the modern greek society, as opposed to the pure euphoria of the 60’s. 

Contains a small & sweet stencil. Designed by Christos Kotsinis and printed with love by PRINT ON GLASS, a silkscreen company specialized in printing on glass, plastic & metal.
Disgrèce mugs, 100% porcelain
Designed and created in Greece. Dishwasher safe, suitable for everyday use.
The packaging contains 1 cup and 1 smal & sweet Disgrèce stencil. 

White mug
Black, alloy of copper and zinc resembling gold and zinc
Silkscreen printing

About us

Over 80 Greek designers, from all sectors of design, define the souvenir as a highly aesthetic object, overturning the folklore stereotypes and introducing a New Greek identity.

“It’s all, oh so souvenir to me”

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