YES and NO / Wooden coffee tray with ceramic cups

A set of ceramic mugs made of white and brown clay, complete with their plates and with hand-written text. A wooden, design version of the classic Greek coffee-serving tray, with clay mugs that will reveal your destiny, as you enjoy your Greek coffee!
Designer : Threesome Ceramics
175,00 €


Every (Greek) coffee has its name, ours is called «NAI KAI OXI» («YES AND NO»), which in the ‘’official’’ terminology of the business slag of the old times, meant a coffee made with 3 spoonfuls of coffee and ½ spoonful of sugar.

The set comprises 2 ceramic cups (6x7cm) and their plates (11cm) that go together with a wooden tray (our version of the typical Greek coffee tray), all packaged together in a cloth tote bag. The clay used for the ceramics is earthenware, glazed with a transparent lead-free glaze and fired at 1000°C. The glaze is applied on the inside of the cups and partly on the outside; the plates are also partly glazed so as to allow for two distinct textures.The tray is made of plywood and has a leather handle. Its diameter is 30cm and its height is 35cm.

In Greece (and not only), drinking coffee has always been a ritual and a social act in many ways; part of it, is getting together to ‘’read’’ the cup, which involves telling one’s fortune after the coffee is finished. So, serve your coffee in our version of the coffee tray and see what threesome ceramics’ cup is telling about your destiny!

The text written on every piece is one and unique.
You can contact us via phone or mail to get more information, about the available texts. But it's even more interesting to leave it to luck!

Set includes
2 ceramic cups (6x7cm) / 2 plates (11 cm) / wooden tray (30cm diameter, 36cm height) / cloth tote bag

All ceramics are individually crafted so weight, size and decoration might differ from one item to the other.

22,00 €

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27,00 €

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