Chromino / Handmade and colorful

A practical and fun game for the beach or for any other time, by Greek designers The three Dots. Leave the stresses and strains of everyday life behind, and keep playing!
Designer : The Three dots
42,00 €


Handmade game from plywood, that can be played just like domino. Suitable for all ages. Comes in a canvas pouch.

The three Dots are a creative studio specializing in custom made furniture and design items. Three artists and one designer, Effie Papaioannou, Ira Spagadorou, Yannis Kapellos & Yorgos Louverdis have decided to join forces under the same roof, where they spend their time designing and creating from scratch custom made furniture, upcycling old furniture and readymade objects, and creating small editions of objects for everyday use.

Designed and created in Greece.
Comes in a canvas pouch 

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