Deer .... Xmas / A plush toy- lucky charm

Dear Santa, what is this year going to bring? A deer, my dear! Cause the deer is bringing all the luck this year! A unique lucky charm / plush toy for your young and not so young friends
Designer : Euangelia
35,00 €
35,00 €


Deer... Xmas is a unique handmade lucky charm / plush toy brought to you by the Greek fashion designer, Euangelia. Each and every one of them carries its own distinct colour and fabric making them so impressive and adorable in the same time. Important to note, is that when the deer's horns are placed together, a star is formed! 

They can be either used as plush toys and can also be haged on the wall or the Xmas tree

Available in woolen red dotted fabric, green dotted fabric, stripy grey metallic, metallic gold with starts,woolen fluffy black, blue swade and black swade

Handmade cotton plush toy filled with polyester wadding.
Designed and created in Greece 

Dimentions: approx 30cms heigh

Handmade fabric plush toy / lucky charm. Suitable for kids over the age of 3


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Hand Fan

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