Embroidered Necklace / Concept design accessory

Grandmother's ebroidered tablecloth and the memory of a Sunday's family dinner led to the design of this necklace. Available in four different colours.
Designer : Meet the cat
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A unique accessory for the neck, inspired by the Greek family and culture, by Meet The Cat.

"Greeks gather around a table every Sunday noon. 

It's the Sunday meal that brings family together to catch up on everybody's week news.

During those Sunday gatherings in my house we always used grandma's embroidered tablecloth.

This was the memory that led to the design of this necklace."

Available in four different colours/
SILVER: silver plated brass, embroidery threads
GOLD: gold plated brass, embroidery threads

PINK: pink gold plated brass, embroidery threads

GREY: oxidation silvering, embroidery threads

Width: 11.5 cm / 4.5 in
Around neck perimeter: 45.5 cm + 2 cm extra rings / 17.9 in + 0.8 in extra rings

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