Eye Stud Earrings #2

brown symbol b612 1brown symbol b612 1
brown symbol b612 1brown symbol b612 1brown symbol b612 1
Stud earrings, with an EYE symbol. Three unique different designs available. This is the brown symbol.
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12,00 €
12,00 €

The eyes are the window to your soul, says B612! Her collection could be the window to our moods. 

Playing around with the notion of the eye-like symbol which is used to protect against the evil eye, causing misfortune or injury (a very popular superstition among the Greek society).

Utilitarian items, by B612, that communicate meaning through symbols, with clean old-school lines & design. Explore all the their items, scrolling down to the related products! 

1.5 cm

Designed and created in Greece 
*photos George Fiorakis - advart