Ftou Skorda!

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In Greece garlic is a symbol of luck and in many households it can be found in their entrance. “FTOU SKORDA” is a very common catchphrase and a wish in a way that is said to remove the ‘evil eye.
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35,00 €
35,00 €

Gold Garlic Chain Necklace, Lucky Charm, Evil Eye Protection Necklace Jewelry, Food Vegetable jewelry, Cooking Ingredient Jewelry Necklace ,Cook gift

This Gold Garlic Chain Necklace, is a lucky charm garlic pendant made out of gold vermeil brass lucky of 0.50cm height and width and is hunged on a silver golplated chain of 45cms long.

In many countries people believe the power of Garlic to keep evil away. You may find braids of Garlic, or a large individual head dangling in the entrances of shops, restaurants and homes. It is thought that garlic not only wards off the evil eye but also keeps away evil spirits and demons. It is also common for some folk to carry a clove of it on them or in their pockets. "Ftou Skorda" is a very common phrase in Greece.

All nature inspired jewellery was designed and made by one woman in her workshop in Northern Greece and has been handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting.