Fuck Crisis Let's Dance / Fabric Earrings The Greeks #2

fuck greek crisisfuck greek crisis
fuck greek crisisBeware of the bitch earringsBeware of the bitch earringsBeware of the bitch earrings
Stud earrings, with filling and print. A simple and straight message for the Greek crisis and all the turmoil it has brought the Greeks: So, Fuck Crisis, Let’s Dance!
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9,00 €
9,00 €

A unique set of stud earrings by B612, brings together old school and contemporary aesthetics. Fabric and water images, with a sarcastic approach, in pieces that stand out. 

Dealing with the crisis that has been troubling Greece for the past years and still goes on, can be a challenge. B612 are sending their own message through their art, with a set of sassy, fabric stud earrings. Fuck Crisis people, let’s dance instead! 

B612 creations are combinations of words, pictures and colors that can stand the test of time and cause intense feelings to whomever wears them. They communicate their messages through symbols and accessories, while raising issues that concern modern Greece, in their own way.

2 cm

Designed and made in Greece

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*photos George Fiorakis - advart