King Oedipus as in drag Lux Interior.

King Oedipus turned into anti-rock star Lux Interior, is considered to be the rock star of all tragedies! Having blinded himself after finding out that he had killed his father and married his mother, his legend has been retold in various ways and was even used by Sigmund Freud to name and give mythic precedent to the Oedipus complex.
Handmade ceramic figure by Lulu Vandal, part of The Kings collection. A limited edition collection that presents heroes from ancient Greek tragedies in drag roles!
85,00 €


Oedipus (meaning "swollen foot") was a mythical Greek king of Thebes. A tragic hero in Greek mythology. Oedipus accidentally fulfilled a prophecy that he would end up killing his father and marrying his mother, thereby bringing disaster to his city and family. Born to King Laius and Queen Jocasta, his father Laius wished to thwart the prophecy, so he sent a shepherd-servant to leave Oedipus to die on a mountainside. However, the shepherd took pity on the baby and passed him to another shepherd who gave Oedipus to King Polybus and Queen Merope to raise as their own. Oedipus learned from the oracle of Delphi of the prophecy that he would end up killing his father and marrying his mother but, unaware of his true parentage, believed he was fated to murder Polybus and marry Merope, so left for Thebes. On his way he met an older man and killed him in a quarrel. Continuing on to Thebes, he found that the king of the city (Laius) had been recently killed, and that the city was at the mercy of the Sphinx. Oedipus answered the monster's riddle correctly, defeating it and winning the throne of the dead king – and the hand in marriage of the king's widow, who was also (unbeknownst to him) his mother Jocasta. Years later, to end a plague on Thebes, Oedipus searched to find who had killed Laius, and discovered that he himself was responsible. Jocasta, upon realizing that she had married her own son, hanged herself. Oedipus then seized two pins from her dress and blinded himself with them.

Lux Interior, on the other hand, was the theatrical, macabre frontman of cult punk-rock group the Cramps. He founded the band in 1973 with his wife, Poison Ivy, and quickly became a staple of the New York punk scene. He chose his stage name after an old car commercial that he saw. The band's music fused their love of horror B-movies with rockabilly and surf rock. He was known for a frenetic and provocative stage show that included high heels, near-nudity and sexually suggestive movements. His speciality was the microphone blow job, where he could get the entire head of a microphone into his mouth. . 

In ancient Greek tragedy, kings were presented in an incomparable, almighty way, untill Gods would decide otherwise dragging them into the most surreal situations. Lulu Vandal is dragging them into another direction! Into Drag (=dressed as girls literally dressed as someone that dresses like a queen in our case). In an attempt to humanize them.

Handcrafted limited edition ceramic dolls in approximately 18cms height and 6cms width,

Materials: modelling clay and acrylic colours

Modelling clay ,acrylic colours

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