ELLADARA / Set of 8 glass shots

Α one-color silkscreen printing, on an already painted white glass shot. An item that points to the bad side of Greece. Simple forms, unique idea & design with an (in)direct message.
Designer : Christos Kotsinis
32,00 €


ELLADARA is an 8 letters’ set of 4cl glass shots. The design illustrates all the downsides of Greece nowadays. Someone may use them as a container or keep them as a remembrance of Greece.  

Elladara: “-Ara” suffix shows the magnitude or means the quantity of magnification. Usually in the Greek language, we emphasize the size, in a negative meaning. As you unfold the shots from the protective paper, you may discover the WORD SEARCH PUZZLE. Trying the right order of letters, you are looking for the hidden word ELLADARA.

IRAK are Ira Spagadorou (Engraver) and Christos Kotsinis (Graphic designer). They began their collaboration based on their common beliefs about the power that conceals solid design, simple forms and indirect message.

Designed by IRAK/
IRAK are Ira Spagadorou (Engraver) and Christos Kotsinis (Graphic designer).

Dishwasher safe. Α one-color silkscreen printing with Reflex blue colour.
Designed and created in Greece
The packaging contaings 8 set of glasses and a word search puzzle

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