ΣΚΑΤΟΨΥΧΙΑ porcelain concept mugs

Hand-painted, porcelain concept mugs, featuring a well-known sarcastic greek expression. An item that directly points to the bad side of Greece, referring to everybody that keeps on thinking and acting, like being back the the.. prehistoric era!
Designer : Christos Kotsinis
15,00 €


Designer Christos Kotsinis’ “Skatopsixia” mugs sarcastically illustrate one of the downsides of the greek mentality, as skatopsixia stands for “dirty..shitty mentality”. A contemporary and popular word that points to the evil, maleficent, naughty, prejudiced, malicious and ill-meant way of thinking that may characterize and individual, skatopsixia is considered by the Greeks to be a characteristic of a person thinking and acting egoistically and wrongfully, like being back in the prehistoric era.
Designed and created in Greece. Dishwasher safe, suitable for everyday use.
The packaging contains 1 cup .
100% porcelain. Painted by hand, slight differences may exist
Avoid rubbing the handwriting with a sponge when hand-washing

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