Ostomachion / a wooden puzzle game

Ostomachion - a wooden puzzle game
Ostomachion - a wooden puzzle gameOstomachion puzzle game2Ostomachion2
Ostomachion, a game that was very popular in antiquity. Made out of wood, both for kids and adults!
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45,00 €
45,00 €
DesignerThe Three dots

The word comes from the words bone and battle and it means the battle of the bones. The game was very popular in antiquity and it resembles today’s tangram. It used to be played by 14 geometric shapes (bones) forming a square. One form of play to which classical texts attest is the creation (through rearrangement of the pieces) of different objects, animals, plants etc. Another suggestion is that it exercised and developed memory skills in the young since two or more players made several geometric figures and competed with each other. 

Did you know?
Ostomachion, also known as loculus Archimedius (Archimedes' box in Latin) is a mathematical treatise attributed to Archimedes. It is also this puzzle game, similar to tangrams. It is not known which is older, Archimedes geometrical investigation of the figure, or the game!


Created in Greece 
The game comes in a wooden box

Made out of oak and mdf