Ostomachion by Archimedes / Magnetic Game

A unique gift for your kids: a puzzle to sharpen the mind while having fun! Ostomachion, by Archimedes, is one of the oldest puzzles known, and this specific item can also be used as a magnet for metallic surfaces.
Designer : The Three dots
12,00 €


Ostomahion, by Archimedes, a game that was popular in antiquity is made out of magnet and fine colorplan paper. You can solve this puzzle in 536 ways. Or you can make shapes and figures similar to a Chinese tangram. Designed by the three dots, in order to use both as a game or a photo magnet on metallic surfaces. Suitable for kids also over the age of three

The Three Dots are a creative team that specializes in custom-made furniture and design items. Efi Papaioannou, Ira Spagadorou, Giannis Kapellos amd George Louverdis and the three artists and one designer that decided to join forces, designing and crafting custom-made furniture, redesigning old furniture and building various objects for everyday use. 


Fine colorplan paper & magnet

Designed and created in Greece

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