Lobster Sous Plat / set of 2

A one-of-a-kind sous plat (two pieces), that will give color to your everyday lunch table! A lobster, digitally printed on fabric, that…almost smells like the sea, the Greek summer and the fish taverns on the shore!
Designer : Studiomateriality
38,00 €


A playful creation by Studiomateriality, a design team who loves color, retro style and, most of all, fun! A unique sous plat pattern, digitally printed on fabric, for your home or as a gift. As with every item created by Studiomateriality, who want to bring art to each everyday object, the lobster sous plat is a complete concept, from idea to materialization: old-school influences and the greek summer and sea team up with clean lines and intense color, all in a practical object for every home. Prepare your salad and you’re ready to go!
In their packacking, ready for gift-giving! For you or your beloved onces.
Digital printing on fabric
Designed and created in Greece

44 x 34 cm

The packaging includes two Lobster pieces!

About us

Over 80 Greek designers, from all sectors of design, define the souvenir as a highly aesthetic object, overturning the folklore stereotypes and introducing a New Greek identity.

“It’s all, oh so souvenir to me”

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