Small rectangle platter

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Small rectangle platter/plate designed in geometrical or flowery patterns and textures,as these are imprinted by the Greek traditional doilies. Available in green or blue colour. Suitable for domestic use..
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27,00 €
27,00 €

The inspiration for my work has come from my love for my Grandma; one of the most important people in my life. She left this world after 92 inspiring years of giving and looking after. She had so many doilies so I had to have some. Even though seemingly useless, their patterns and textures, when pressed into clay, get another life. Τhey become part of a useful object where tradition and style walk side by side. All ceramics are for earthenware clay fired at 1000c coloured with stains and led free glaze, dishwasher proof.

Dimentions: 18 x 14cms
Weight: 200gr