Splashes Collection

Splashes (pitsilies in greek) collection, is made out of white earthenware with slip decoration, fired at 1000c and transparent glaze.
Designer : Threesome Ceramics
22,00 €


White earthenware, glazed with a transparent glaze and fired at 1000°C

The collection comprises of a cup, a small, a deep and a big plate as well as a bowl. Every item is unique so the form, weight and dimensions mentioned below are approximate. The decoration as well as the text (which might be in greek or in english), is unique for every item.

The text written on every piece is one and unique.
You can contact us via phone or mail to inform you about the available text. But it's even more interesting to leave it in luck!

All items are foodsafe

Cup: Dimensions 10×7cm / Weight 180gr / Pice: 22.00e each
Bowl: Dimensions 17×8cm / Weight 400gr / Pice: 34.00e
Small plate: Diameter 22.5cm / Weight 430gr / Pice: 27.00e
Deep plate: Diameter 23cm / Weight 430gr / Pice: 27.00e
Big plate: Diameter 26cm / Weight 500gr / Pice: 29.00e

27,00 €

Birds Collection

27,00 €
27,00 €