Stud Earrings - Flower Collection #2

Elegant stud earrings, with symmetrical lines, inspired by flower patterns. Available in silver 925, goldplated silver, rosegold and black platinum plated.
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30,00 €
30,00 €
DesignerOut of M.E.

An exceptional everyday jewel from the Heart of the Flower collection. Handmade with love and caution, inspired by nature and its patterns. Designed by Michalis Efstathiou (Οut of Me). The main material the artist uses is silver, and all the jewels that are designed have intense references to architecture, tradition and nature.

The Heart of the Flower collection is a simplified rendition of the petals of a flower, including symbolisms of youth, beauty and timelessness. The collection consists of stud earrings / Chandelier Earrings/ Ring / Necklace Silver 925 and/or rosegold or gold flower necklace. 

Did you know?
For many centuries humans ascribed magical qualities, special symbolisms and value to flowers. 

Ready for gift giving!

Silver 925
Goldplated silver
Black platinum plated 

~2cm height 
~1,3 cm width