The Swan – 2020 Lucky Charm Bracelet

The swan as a symbol of beauty, faith, purity and balance is transformed into a jewel to bring you good luck and prosperity for 2020! For you or as a gift, it is a definitely a unique way for the new year to begin. An easy-to-wear bracelet!
Designer : Out of M.E.
28,00 €


The swan as a symbol of beauty, faith, purity and balance was a sacred bird for Goddess Aphrodite and God Apollo, as well as for Zeus who took his form to seduce Queen Leda. It expresses devotion, love and eroticism.
Handcrafted jewel, designed by Michals Efstathiou (Out Of M.E). The main material is silver, and all the jewels that are designed, have intense references to architectural, traditional patterns and nature.

Silver Swan, black chord
Silver Swan, grey chord
Silver Swan, bordeaux chord

Gold-plated silver Swan, black chord
Gold-plated silver Swan, grey chord
Gold-plated silver, bordeaux chord

Adjustable wrist-size
Diameter 1.6cm

Silver 925 - Gold plated silver
Cord in 3 different colors 

Elegant packaging, ready for gift-giving! Get yours now!


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