Mirror, Mirror.. Medusa!

Handheld or wall hanging mirror, in the shape of a mermaid’s (Medusa’s) head. A fun design item, made of laser-cut wood. Design and created in Greece.
Designer : Mirella Manta
54,00 €


A unique design mirror by Mirella Manta, a Greek fashion designer who creates based on geometric patterns and asymmetries. Use it as a handheld mirror, as part of your cosmetics set, or mount it on the wall. A great item for you or your loved ones! The medusa mirror is inspired by the greek mythology, according to which, Medusa was a beautiful mermaid and served as a priestess in the temple of goddess Athena.
The god of water, Poseidon, impregnated Medusa, something that enraged goddess Athena; unable to confront Poseidon, she lashed out on Medusa, transforming her into an ugly beast with snakes instead of hair. Her ugliness was so tremendous, that whoever looked directly at her, turned to stone. In this case, Mirella Manta’s mirror breaks the spells and brings back Medusa’s original form, the beautiful mermaid! 

Wood & mirror

Designed and created in Greece

30 x 18 cm