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Cute round fabric pin, with filling and print. An ideal gift for anyone who wants to own a truly traditional symbol, Karagkiozis, the lead figure of the Greek Shadow Theater.
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9,00 €
9,00 €

Karagkiozis is the protagonist of the Greek Shadow Theatre, a type of theatrical play acted out with figures moving behind a white sheet. A traditional figure of Greece, Karagkiozis is in reality a symbol, representing the average Greek in the times of the Turkish occupation, viewed as an impoverished, cunning and uneducated individual. B612’s set of stud earrings incorporate a figure that is tightly bound to the greek tradition, onto a unique fabric pin that stands out!

B612 creations are combinations of words, pictures and colors that can stand the test of time and cause intense feelings to whomever wears them. They communicate their messages through symbols and accessories, while raising issues that concern modern Greece, in their own way.

Did you know;
Karagiozis made his first apperances in the Turkish Shadow Theater  in the play "Karagoz and Hacivat"

length 3 cm
width 0,8 cm, with the clutch 1,5 cm

Designed and made in Greece

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*photos George Fiorakis - advart